My work mainly consists of spatial work. This includes sculptures, both figurative, expressive sculptures of man and more abstract work such as objects and bowls.

Commissioned I make portraits, business gifts, urns and memorial art.

With my work I want to mean something essential to my fellow man as an artist and as a human being.

My work can be a beacon to experience peace, joy, strength, comfort or hope.

I have sensed everything I make and it comes from my heart.

The theme of light and the theme of connection to earth and heaven currently play a major role in my work. My work has gone through a great development that runs parallel to my personal and inner development.

For a long time I worked on emotions, about dreams, birth, life and death. In this I often referred to struggling and pain on the one hand and hope and light on the other. Dark and light, earth and heaven have been a central theme in my work over the years. Later, but at the same time, the theme of an inner struggle and pain shifted to pain in the world around me. An example is the sculpture "Aleppo" that I made based on truthful images.

After my inner development has accelerated in the recent years, the darkness and pain have disappeared from my original theme. The light that has always played a role from the beginning has remained and has grown.

Now that my theme changes, so does the design. My predominantly figurative and expressive sculptures are now making way for geometry and abstraction.

These new sculptures are also intended to be a beacon to provide peace, joy, strength, comfort and hope to those who desire it.

In connection with my theme I like to make portraits, urns and memorial art.


Antoinette Donkers- Dekker.