Sculptures in ceramic, bronze, wood, stone and steel


Objects and Bowls

My work is about emotion, about birth, dreams, life and death.

In my sculptures I show the human figure in his / her emotion."Who are you?", when you do'nt wear your masks?

I want my work to be a beacon in this fast-paced, sometimes cold and distant world where intelligence and performance often carry an overtone. In which people sometimes become numbers. My work as a resting point for all those people who can not be who they really are. For all those people who live with masks. My work as a place to catch your breath, to experience recognition or consolation.

With my work, I want to mean something to other people as an artist and as human being.

Looking forward to the future, I want to further develop my work. At the moment, the theme of "freedom" has an important place in my work.

Furthermore, in the future, I would like to develop special commemorative monuments to commemorate victims and survivors of injustice and violence. A memorial monument in which darkness does not has the last word and in which I refer to the light.

My work is figurative because I want it to be recognizable to everyone. By expressive style, powerful or fragile and poetic, it is also appealing.


Antoinette Donkers- Dekker.